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 Keep an OPEN mind to the task at hand
You are a specialist and expert in your business, as we are in ours.

Dear Future Client:

How often have you heard yourself saying, or being told (by your staff):

  • if only we could start over again;
  • if we had known better when we started this project;
  • the software doesn't work, we made an incorrect decision;
  • we did not define all our requirements at the outset; we believed our problem was "A", but it turned out to be "B";
  • our people were not properly trained;
  • we didn't know what questions to ask;
  • the software vendor did not tell us about .... or that we had to ......
  • but we have always done it this way, we don't want to change;

Irrespective as to the expertise corporations have relating to the internal functional processes of their business, 'going it alone' is generally not a sound business decision when looking to implement an ERP software solution*.

Acrodea's knowledge and hands on experience in directly selling**, implementing and installing ERP applications provides clients with an inside track as to how the processes work. Our proven success methodologies in building partnerships are based on:

  • creating mutual trust and respect;
  • sharing, learning and passing knowledge between each other;
  • providing direction and guidance in order to obtain cost effective solutions;
  • obtaining rapid results on time and on budget;
  • knowing where/how to find and introduce, where appropriate, other third parties that can add their own specialization and value to the required solution

* A 'solution could comprise of the following applications, or combinations thereof:
ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning; (generally encompasses complete business cycle of company)
CRM - Customer Relationship Management;
MRPII - Manufacturing Requirements Planning:
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange;
POS - Point of Sale;
B2B, B2C - Business to Business, Business to Customer;
BI / BA - Business Intelligence, Business Analytics
Bar code & scanning systems
Document flow & document management

within the Acrodea web site there may be references or links to software sites. We do not directly or indirectly, sell or promote any of these applications. Our past success and understanding relating to selling business application software places Acrodea in a unique position to provide clients with 'insider information' relating to the processes.