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Save Money
Unite Managers and Sales Force
Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Safeguard Information
Less Office Time
Reduce Training

Don't lose business;
Know what your field reps are doing and how you can help them;
Keep up-to-date and abreast of what your Customer needs are, and what your Competition is up to;
Reps 'love' to talk, its more fun than typing
Talking is 90% faster than typing and far more 'natural'

The result Voice2insight - Designed for fast-moving salespeople.
Voice2insight breaks the chains of laptops and Internet connections.

Voice2insight is a tool for Sales Managers that quickly captures and summarizes important
 sales and customer information by allowing sales reps to talk, not type, their reports.




Increase Sales

It's about empowerment and liberation! Think About It!
What is more natural than talking for a salesperson? 

We increase sales in times of uncertainty, change and disruption by listening to the customer and by obtaining high quality and timely information through higher sales rep productivity.

This is accomplished using Voice2insight. The rep dials an 800# and simply speaks what they have learned or discussed with their prospect or customer. No more typing a call report; Voice2insight will, within 24 hours, submit to the rep and their manager, a completely formatted and summarized email message of the call. The end result permits a rep to spend more time in front of their customer - selling, not spending time performing administrative tasks.

Save Money

Obtaining R.O.I. (Return on Investment) is achieved by keeping your sales reps selling, not typing. Let your sales (or service) reps focus on increasing sales not increasing administrative paperwork. Voice2insight provides a natural and uncomplicated method for accomplishing R.O.I.
Consider the time spent by 30 reps typing a daily 30 minute call report, which then needs to be reviewed and perhaps filed. That's close to 325 hours a month utilized in unproductive time (not selling or servicing customers - +/- 11 hours per rep per month). Some may not consider that a lot of time, but at $350 * per hour that amounts to $113,750 per month of non value lost to your company.

* The cost and efficiency of face-to-face selling is now an up and down story. Up in cost and down in efficiency The average cost of a business sales call now ranges from a low of $200 for a local call to a high of $1,000+ when you are covering a large geographic territory and have to fly The average is usually quoted around the $350 level. One of the key questions for all companies is, what is their sales call cost? (Most companies have not calculated this figure.) Today, with travel-related expenses increasing, the real cost of selling now represents an ever-increasing percentage of revenue.

This �cost of the call� is frequently reported, but what has not been as often referenced is the number of calls and contacts required to take a sale from beginning to end. This number has substantially increased today to approximately eight or nine per prospect. For some complex products and solutions, the number of calls to close a sale can easily be more than 10. The most frequent reason cited is that there are many more people involved in the decision process. According to the findings in a study by the Center for Advance Purchasing, inter-departmental corporate buying teams that make purchasing decisions existed at 41% of organizations in 1993, but 87% of purchasing executives expect them by the year 2000.1 These people are also often unavailable to the sales person due to meetings and other priorities. When these two elements (cost of call and number of calls required to close) are combined, the resultant true cost of selling with a field sales force erodes the margin of any company.1 Source: Penton Research Services.

Unite Managers and Sales Force

Accurate and up-to-date information in any organization is key to profitability. In today's competitive and tumultuous business environment how corporations obtain and use information will set them aside from their competitors. Managers should not be embarrassed in front of senior management when they are unable to explain why target quotas were not met, or 'why they never knew about what was going on', or 'why was I never informed?', or 'how can we get that customer back?', or 'our reps knew about it but customer service never', or....

Reps generally dislike typing and reporting - enter Voice2insight, which permits the rep to speak the information about a situation knowing that their manager(s) will obtain "explanatory knowledge data" that is needed for decision making and communication hence preventing a power struggle for information within the company. Further, if a rep or manager leaves, there is rarely disruption or panic relating to important information that that individual may perhaps take (in their heads) to a competitor, as timely recording of this information has taken place with Voice2insight.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Providing excellent customer service can be defined as many things. However, whatever definition is chosen, customers seek innovative and creative ways to improve their business processes. Without up-to-date and accurate information about what is transpiring with your customer, a lack of information could have a dramatic impact on their business, and yours. 

The world is in a new millennium where radical changes in business philosophy and technology take place. Corporations trade on a global basis; language, culture and currency issues need to be addressed, downsizing or right sizing are common practices, the web, electronic commerce, security issues and much more take place regularly, placing tremendous pressure on organizations to change.

Providing excellent customer satisfaction can only be accomplished when meaningful and timely information is disseminated throughout an organization. The Voice2insight service provides an inexpensive, proven and easy to use method of sharing information, ultimately providing win-win results and a positive satisfying experience for your customer.

Safeguard Information

"Human" Knowledge, within the foundation of corporate intelligence or intellectual capital, is generated through many activities within an organization. Examples could include:

Research or other type Projects
Market Observations
Alliance or Partnership Reviews
'Lessons Learned' from Services, Implementations or Processes
Crisis and troubleshooting debriefs and reviews
Customer or Prospect contacts  etc.

If this intellectual property is not succinctly and accurately recorded in a timely manner, the likelihood of it never being done, or at best done late or incomplete, are great. The situation of non-compliance for recorded information and data is further exacerbated should an individual leave the employment of the organization. The "human" knowledge leaves with them. Voice2insight provides an effective communication vehicle for timely capture of corporate intellectual proprietary information, allowing the corporation's information database to be populated and safeguarded.

Less Office Time

Using an example of a sales representative who is required to complete call reports, or enter data into a corporate system, returning to an office to perform these administrative tasks is non-productive, time consuming and expensive. If your reps are in front of customers or prospects (and not in the office typing) they will be able to generate and WIN more business. Inputting (typing) information in to a S.F.A. (Sales Force Automation) system completely ignores the relationship cues that are critical to building trust with your client. Management can get a more meaningful assessment on how a sale is transpiring by the relationship being formed, as opposed to what is going on through just numbers. Voice2insight, enables a rep, by simply making a telephone call, to record critical, pertinent and meaningful information that is much easier spoken than typed, relating to 'what's going on' with a client. And, in addition, it will take a lot less time to speak than to type. The end result is an analyzed, summarized, formatted and accurate email message relating to the gist of the sales call.

Reduce Training Time

Systems and processes change constantly. Keeping a sales force in tune with "things that may be good for corporate" have minimal value to a sales or service force. They want to sell (earn income) and not be bound by administrative goings-on and cumbersome reporting dictated to by a head office. Furthermore, learning new procedures and programs that the Information Systems Department consider relevant, is of no benefit to them. Besides, they are going to change it again in 6 months time, so why bother! And, the information that the reps requested 6 months ago has yet to surface. Training with Voice2insight is minimal. Dial a 1-800 #, key in your pin identification, and begin speaking - a natural phenomena for any sales person!